I have a confession to make.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called “The Garden of Hope.”   If you didn’t read it, I hope you take a minute to enjoy the allegory.  When I wrote it, I alluded that if God had someone who could be a true partner with me, I was ready to share my garden.  Now I’d like to confess that at that time, I had already found my gardener, and his name is Nate.


In my life, this was the third time in which I’d put all my personal wishes and hearts desires aside and told God that if it is to be true, make it happen.  And then I completely trusted that what was supposed to happen would.  God did not disappoint.  In fact, God gave me more than I had imagined.  I trusted God would make me a mother, and He did.  I trusted that God would find a way for me to get out of a toxic relationship, and He did.  I trusted God that if I was supposed to find someone to share my life with, I would, and He showed me Nate.  And for all of those gifts, I did not have to wait very long for Him to answer.  God revealed His gifts quickly and His timing was perfect.

The Greeks have two words for time, Chronos and Kairos.  Chronos refers to chronological time.  Kairos is used to describe the right moment.  Glennon Doyle Melton explains it differently.  She considers Kairos to also mean “God’s timing.”

Looking back at the events of my life, I can pinpoint exactly when Chronos took a backseat and Kairos took over.  I can picture talking with my neighbor and telling her, “If God wants me to be a mother, He will,” and little did I know that I was already pregnant at that moment.  I can picture standing in my backyard, hiding from the volatile situation that was tormenting me in my home, begging God to find a way out.  And then I can picture the text that came the next day telling me that there was a house I could rent, a way out.  Finally, I can picture me, 50 days ago, sitting at Outback, enjoying a steak dinner by myself on an Easter Sunday, when a very sweet text message came, hoping that I had enjoyed the weather that weekend with a smiley face emoji.


Kairos.  Those snapshots will forever be burned into the photo album of my brain.  And the beautiful thing about those moments is that God gave me more than I dreamed.  My son is pretty awesome.  I’m blessed that he is healthy, active, smart and usually well-behaved.  I have a home that is full of light and love and laughter.

And as for my gardener? Complete Kairos.  God’s timing couldn’t be more perfect.  From that first text, it became increasingly true, for both of us, that this was It.   I never imagined someone could treat me so well.  I never imagined that I would find someone that would be a perfect match in every way.  And I never imagined that falling in love with the right person could be so easy and natural.

Our Kairos moments are not just mutually inclusive.  They are spreading to the other relationships in our lives as well.  Most importantly, the Kairos moments are occurring as we involve our sons.  Little Kairos moments that include sharing dinners, playing driveway soccer and getting ice cream.  Kairos moments when our sons make spontaneous, unsolicited comments that show support and acceptance of their parents’ relationship.  Kairos moments that he and I both appreciate and cherish.  Kairos moments that demonstrate that God’s timing is perfect.

My wish is that you, too, find those Kairos moments.  Find those moments that allow you to stop and take a snapshot for your mental photo album of life.

I’d like to end with a poem that I wrote.  I wrote this poem on Mother’s Day, as Tommy and I were walking to a neighborhood diner for breakfast.  I hadn’t yet told him about Nate, but it was becoming evident that he needed to know that his mommy had found a man who loved her and she was ready for him to know that.  That’s a scary moment for a mom.  Would he understand?  Would he accept this new reality in his life?  Would this be stressful for him?  And as I took Tommy’s hand in mine to take our short walk to breakfast, I knew how I would explain it.47a7d825b3127cce9854800d16120000001010wAcOHLVy4ZtmbUQ

As it turns out, when I told Tommy, it was another one of those Kairos moments.