Friends, this week’s blog is short because it’s an update to my very first post.

10 months ago, my sister, Shannon, and I began a journey.  The journey began when we both decided to stop listening to The Judge that was preventing us from pursuing our passions, dancing for her and writing for me.  The full story can be found here, Fire the Judge–Hire the Witness.

So 10 months ago, Shannon enrolled in a ballet class.  She would periodically update me on how the class was going and how she was feeling.  I know it wasn’t always easy for her.  But she worked through any negative feelings to get the joy she experiences when she dances.

Yesterday, I had the honor of attending her dance recital.  It’s been 27 years since her last dance recital.  When she moved on stage with her class, I got goosebumps.  For one moment, I had a flashback of when she and her best dance friend, Deena, performed a duet in the last recital she performed in as a girl.   The spirit that was alive in that 13-year-old girl was reborn in the 40-year-old woman.  And as she danced, I could tell this was only the beginning.  There is more there.  Who knows what that is, but I’m excited for my sister as she pursues her passion.

But not only is Shannon pursuing her passion, she is silencing the Judge.  She is putting the Judge in his place.  The Judge who tried to prevent her from taking a dance class by filling her head with a variety of negative messages.   The Judge who attempted to manipulate Shannon’s perspective of herself as she took her class.  The Judge who was never invited, but always found a way in.  Shannon won the battle against the Judge yesterday.  And that’s a battle worth fighting.

Congratulations, Shannon.  I’m so proud of you.  Continue to inspire and be the graceful soul you are.  I’m glad we made that pact 10 months ago.  I’m grateful we both followed through and we’re finding ways to silence the Judge one ballet class and one blog post at a time.  I’m committed to following your example by fighting off The Judge and claiming my own space in my head.  Beautiful moments happen when we Fire the Judge and Hire the Witness.47a7d839b3127cce9854800ab9770000001010wAcOHLVy4ZtmbUQ